Motorola Moto X4

Motorola Moto X4 con Android One ufficiale a 399 dollari negli USA

Big G ha annunciato ufficialmente quest’oggi che il Motorola Moto X4, annunciato ufficialmente nell’ultimo mese, sarà il prossimo smartphone a supportare il Project Fi e ad entrare nella famiglia Android One così come vociferato nelle scorse settimane.

L’azienda ha comunicato che il dispositivo è il primo smartphone di nuova generazione a supportare il Project Fi ed è anche il primo dispositivo Android One ad essere annunciato per il mercato americano.

Motorola Moto X4 con Android One ufficiale a 399 dollari negli USA

Motorola Moto X4

Il progetto Android One, ovvero Android Stock con aggiornamenti realizzati e rilasciati direttamente da Google, è sbarcato ufficialmente in Italia grazie a General Mobile con i General Mobile GM 6 e GM 5 Plus ed è tornato alla ribalta nelle scorse settimane con l’annuncio da parte di Xiaomi dello Xiaomi Mi A1.

Stando a quanto dichiarato, infatti, il Motorola Moto X4 sarà disponibile all’acquisto negli USA a partire dal 5 ottobre ad un prezzo di 399 dollari, circa 332 euro al cambio attuale.

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Project Fi welcomes Android One, with the moto x4

With Project Fi, we set out to make your wireless experience fast, easy and fair—with access to three national 4G LTE networks, and international roaming at no extra cost. But many of you have asked us for more options for high quality, affordable devices that work with Project Fi. We’ve heard you and we’re excited to launch our newest phone for Project Fi: The Android One moto x4.

We took some important steps with Android One earlier this month by expanding the program to bring fresh, secure software experience designed by Google to more high-quality devices no matter the price point. The launch of Android One moto x4 on Project Fi is the next step in our commitment to work with more partners and expand Android One to new places.

Packed with a pure Android experience, advanced hardware and great network connectivity, here’s a closer look at what you’ll get with the new Android One moto x4:

A software experience designed by Google

Like all Android One phones, Android One moto x4 runs a pure Android experience, with a clean software design and a carefully curated set of preinstalled apps to give you just what you need. For example, it comes optimized for the Google Assistant to help you get more done, and offers high-quality video calling with Google Duo. You’ll also get access to the latest updates from Android, such as Android Oreo before the end of the year. Android One moto x4 will also be among the first to receive an upgrade to Android P.

Powerful cameras and unlimited high-quality photo storage

The Android One moto x4 comes with three cameras. A 12MP + 8MP dual rear camera system lets you capture wide-angle photos and detailed portraits. The front-facing camera comes packed with 16MP and an adaptive low light mode. And with free high quality storage from Google Photos, you never have to worry about running out of space.

All day battery and ultra-fast charging

Power through the day and enjoy your favorite Android software features like battery saver. When you need to recharge, TurboPower™ charging makes it ultra fast: You can get up to six hours of power in just 15 minutes.

Top of the line security

The Android One moto x4 will receive timely security updates and built-in malware protection from Google Play Protect, working around the clock to keep your device, data and apps safe.

The Android One moto x4 is priced at $399, comes in Super Black and Sterling Blue, and is available only in the U.S. on Project Fi’s network for pre-order on the Project Fi website starting today. If you’ve got an older Nexus phone and want to trade it in for a new device, we’re making it easier than ever with our new trade-in program. We’ll give you up to $165 for select Nexus devices, and if you start your trade-in by October 5, you’ll earn an extra $50 Fi credit.

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